Our family has used Dr. Lovell since moving to AL in 2009, and are thrilled with his professionalism, compassion and knowledge. His staff are wonderful as well. Everyone treats our boys as if they were their own pets, and we are blessed to have them as our Vet family.~Cindy Carter

Always awesome! They take good care of Butters and he really likes them. Dr. Lovell really knows his stuff and will take time to explain anything you need him to. They are the best.~Kendal Akers

My pugs love going to see Dr. Lovell and Staff, they always have time to play and pet them. They take very good care of any need that arises. I highly recommend them. ~Deb Stevenson

I absolutely love this vet! Such a helpful and friendly staff! Anytime Truck has had any complications and I have called, they have been ready with advice or immediate availability for checkups. Truck actually loves coming in because a few treats are involved ; ) I recommend these guys to everyone! ~Kerry Smith

Duke, Sunny, Petey, Ginger and Jett and everyone of them has been cared for by Dr. Lovell and staff since we first brought them home as puppies. Always a pleasure to deal with the wonderful staff and everyone seems to genuinely like your pets and enjoy having you come in. No other vet for us!!~Susie Fagan

Petey does not like getting on the exam table. He shivers and shakes the whole time he is on the table. Dr. Lovell recognized this and got down on the floor with my pet for his exam. This kind of care and compassion is hard to find and is greatly appreciated! ~Mike Wiman

I love Dr. Lovell and his staff for not only knowing my dog, Sasha, by name but also me and my husband. It is quality care at reasonable prices. I will never go anywhere else. ~Jessica Burks

Nothing but the very best can be said of Dr. Lovell and his staff. Dr. Lovell worked tirelessly to help our beloved Rottweiler, Liebchen, who was so sick that we thought we might lose her. Thank God and Dr. Lovell, she is well and will soon be celebrating her 11th birthday! Thank you Dr. Lovell!! ~Suzanne Nevels

Jim and his staff are the only ones we’ll ever use to care for our pets! We drove from Huntsville and Birmingham with our 70 lb dog to take her to Dr. Lovell. Everyone at the clinic genuinely cares about Sally and our family. It is so nice to be able to completely trust the entire staff with Sally’s care! Anytime we call the office, they work with us to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. ~Whitney Harrison

Last Tuesday, I came into Eastside Animal Hospital for the first time to have my dog, Belle, examined. The outcome was what I had expected, but still very hard to hear. She had developed diabetes and as a result, she developed cataracts very quickly, making her almost completely blind. Dr. Lovell and his staff were so kind to us. They took a lot of time answering my questions and helping me understand the diagnosis and what could be expected with treatment or no treatment. As hard as it was, we decided that would not be able to follow through with treatment and care she would need, therefore it was best that we put her to sleep. This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, but again, Dr. Lovell and his amazing staff were so kind and compassionate. The day we brought Belle in, they were so loving. A few days later we recieved a card in the mail, that was signed by everyone in the office. Though it was hard to open and read, it was very thoughtful and very much appreciated. We have already found us another furry baby to help heal the hurt and fill the void, but he will never replace our sweet Belle. I will be taking our new addition, Ziggy, to Eastside Animal Hospital and look forward to the relationship that will be built with each of them there. ~Tracy Burt

The staff at Eastside is very caring and informative. I had Phantom neutered and declawed and they were very detailed about how the procedure is performed. I highly recommend Eastside to anyone! ~Janet