Pet Surgery

The surgical staff at Eastside Animal Hospital and Pet Resort is highly skilled and trained in performing both common and complex veterinary surgeries. From spays and neuters to orthopedic surgeries, our facility is equipped to handle practically any surgical needs your pet may have. Each of our veterinary surgery patients receives the best in pre-surgery and post-operative care. This includes a pre-surgical visit in which we will:

  • Conduct a complete physical examination
  • Perform a complete blood profile
  • Explain and review the surgical procedure(s) and potential risks
  • Place an IV catheter
  • Administer IV fluids

Anesthesia and Pre and Post Operation Pain Management

Our anesthetic and pain management regimes are tailored specifically to your pet’s age, weight, condition, and other medical needs. While your companion is under anesthesia, we provide careful and continuous monitoring, during and after the procedure, via our intensive care unit. Here your pet will be kept comfortable while he or she recovers under the supervision of our veterinarians and staff.

In order to minimize pain and maximize recovery times, we offer a number of pain management options to be used before, during, and after surgery. Some of these options include oral medications, and injectables. Our veterinarians will be happy to discuss with you which options are right for your pet.

Surgeries We Perform

Surgeries we commonly perform include:

  • Spay and neuter
  • Soft tissue
  • Mass and tumor removal
  • Orthopedic surgeries

From admission to post-operative recovery, we will be here to assist you and your pet. For more information on our veterinary surgery services, please contact our offices today at (256) 232-0660.