Dr. Jim Lovell is a member of world vets & routinely travels to Nicaragua to provide medical care and surgeries for local pets, and to teach students surgical and medical procedures.

“World Vets develops, implements and manages international veterinary and disaster relief programs to help animals, educate people and have a positive impact on communities. Improving animal welfare and alleviating suffering are high on our priority list but our work extends beyond that. Our programs help to prevent the spread of diseases from animals to humans; our livestock programs help small farmers to pull themselves out of poverty, and our disaster relief efforts for animals directly impact people who might otherwise remain in dangerous situations if the needs of their animals are not addressed.”

This was their first full surgery day. No air conditioning made short pants with scrub tops the attire of choice.

Dr. Lester, one of the Nicaraguan veterinarians, is excited to get the day started!

The team from the United States in front of the fire station.

This is Jenny, she would bring one pet then walk home and bring another. Very sweet little girl and so very thankful for the care her pets received.

Veterinary Field Service Programs

  • Small Animal spay/neuter and medical treatments
  • Equine and Donkey Welfare
  • Livestock and Animal Husbandry
  • Advancing scientific knowledge as it relates to veterinary issues in developing countries

Disaster Response Program

  • Nepal Earthquake (2015)
  • Bosnia -Herzegovina Flood (2014)
  • Philippines – Typhoon Haiyan (2013)
  • Thailand Flood (2012)
  • Japan Tsunami (2011)
  • Haiti Earthquake (2010)

Training Programs

  • Latin America Veterinary Training Center
  • International Veterinary Medicine Program
  • Internship Program for Pre-Vet & Vet Tech Students
  • Personalized Surgical Training Experience

Civil-Military Humanitarian Aid

World Vets is the veterinary non-governmental organization (NGO) currently represented on two U.S. Navy led humanitarian aid missions: Pacific Partnership and Continuing Promise. These missions provide medical, dental, and veterinary coverage to developing regions in the South Pacific and Central / South America, respectively. World Vets contributes veterinary manpower and skills to accomplish the mission`s objectives by organizing volunteer opportunities for veterinary professionals.